Supercharge LinkedIn search with Google Sheets

Generate leads from LinkedIn: find new prospects by company and job title

LinkedIn is the most used social media platform by Fortune 500 companies, 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. Whether you are a growth marketer at a startup or provide lead generation service as an agency, there are never enough leads! Learn how to generate more new leads with Lead Beagle.

Find LinkedIn profile links by name and company

Lacking LinkedIn profile URLs for manual prospecting or LinkedIn automation tools? Use Lead Beagle to find anyone's LinkedIn profile, company and job title. Search for multiple accounts at a time. Search someone on LinkedIn without them knowing - you don't need a LinkedIn account or Sales Navigator subscription to use Lead Beagle. See how this LinkedIn search tool works.

Update company and job title information of your contacts, leads, newsletter subscribers

It is not unusual to have contacts and mailing lists incomplete or outdated. Comprehensive data enrichment services are too expensive and their databases may be also out of date. With Lead Beagle, you can enrich your data with real-time company and job title information straight from people's LinkedIn profiles.

LinkedIn profile URL finder in action

✔︎ High volume search

Search for hundreds of records per batch, thousands a day.

✔︎ Exceptional accuracy

Matching rate usually exceeds 95%. You will also see accuracy rank for every record to easily identify possible mismatches.

✔︎ Real time data

All the data is collected in real time, so it's as relevant and accurate as it is on a person's LinkedIn profile page.

✔︎ Risk-free

There is no risk to get your LinkedIn account blocked. You don't even need a LinkedIn account to search with Lead Beagle.

✔︎ No API or CSV files

A no-brainer tool that can be used by anyone straight out of their Google Sheets. It won't ask you to share your spreadsheet or upload CSV files.

✔︎ Anonymous by design

It's absolutely anonymous. No one will see your lookups. Simply because Lead Beagle does not visit LinkedIn.

✔︎ Secure

Verified by Google, runs on Google infrastructure and doesn't require any additional registration or authentication.

✔︎ Free to start

50 free matches every month. Paid plans starting from $10 per month.

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