Lead Beagle for LinkedIn

Enrich your lead list with LinkedIn profiles or find new leads by company and role

LinkedIn profile URL finder in action

96% match rate

Full refund if you beat it with any other tool

Search LinkedIn profiles or find new leads

To find people by name:

➡️ Prepare a list of people’s names.

✅ Get their company, role and a direct link to LinkedIn profile.

To find new leads:

➡️ Prepare a list of companies and guessed roles.

✅ Get people’s names, actual roles and a direct URLs to their LinkedIn profiles.

Search LinkedIn profiles and find new leads

BONUS: find company employees with one click

To find employees:

➡️ Select a cell with a company name and click "People at this company" in the add-on menu.

✅ Get direct LinkedIn profile URLs of up to 50 company employee profiles.

Find company employees

Verified add-on by Google in G-Suite Marketplace

G-Suite Marketplace add-on verified by Google

Our story

We created this tool when we needed to arrange 100+ meetings at Web Summit conference in three days.

To set up over 100 meetings, we needed to approach at least 500 attendees in 24 hours.

We collected people's names to connect with them on LinkedIn and to send meeting requests to those who accept the invites. That wouldn’t have been possible without sales automation tools.

But all of those tools asked for a CSV with direct LinkedIn URLs.

That's when the first line of code was written.

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What's next?

🆙 Expand your network.

🔄 Enrich your Hubspot or other CRM data.

Automate* outreach with Dux-Soup, Alfred, or Phantombuster.

⬆️ Upload the URLs to FindThatLead to get emails for creating lookalike audiences** in Facebook/Google Ads or other advertising platforms.

* Read the LinkedIn's 📄 User Agreement first.** Don't spam 🚫, it's illegal and meaningless. Build custom audiences instead to target your ads on Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this add-on legitimate?

A: Absolutely. This automation complies with Google’s and LinkedIn’s policies and it has been officially verified by Google.

Q: If I search a lot, say 10,000 queries a day, will I get my LinkedIn account blocked?

A: No! The add-on does not scrape LinkedIn pages and there is no risk of your account or IP being blocked.

Q: What's the price?

A: Our paid plan starts from $10 for 100 matches per month. It's not a typo. Just 10 cents per match! It goes even lower for bigger plans.

Q: Is there a free plan?

A: Yes, it is completely free for up to 50 matches per month.

Q: What happens to my free quota when I upgrade to a paid plan?

A: When you upgrade, unused free quota is added to your paid quota.

Q: Does the quota apply to all searches or to matching results only?

A: We only take money for matches.

Q: What if I get inaccurate results?

A: No one is perfect, including algorithms. We tested a lot and our match rate used to be over 96%. The percentage of inaccurate results (getting a wrong URL with correct full name and company inputs) never exceeded single digits. If you have a higher ratio, double-check your inputs. Contact us and we’ll do our best to help. In any case, it's worth to test your list before you upgrade to a paid plan.

Q: Where can I find people’s names?

A: You can collect people names in LinkedIn, Quora and other social networks, on the websites of conferences, from meet-up attendee lists, Facebook events, etc. You can also get leads from LinkedIn sales tools and lead generation software like FindThatLead or Alfred.

Q: How to increase my quota if I am already on a paid plan?

A: You’ll have to purchase additional license. Go to the add-on menu and pick the “Increase quota” item. Alternatively, you can purchase the license on our product page.

Q: What if I want to use the add-on just once, can I have a one-off increase in quota?

A: Subscription is risk-free and you can cancel at any time. Just purchase appropriate plan and cancel the subscription once you're done.

Q: How to cancel my subscription?

A: Log in to your Gumroad account, click on the “Library” item at the top, select the product you want to cancel subscription to, and click on the “Cancel subscription” button.