Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this add-on legitimate?

A: Absolutely. This automation complies with Google’s and LinkedIn’s policies.

Q: If I search a lot, say 10,000 queries a day, will I get my LinkedIn account blocked?

A: No! The add-on does not scrape LinkedIn pages and there is no risk of your account or IP being blocked.

Q: What's the price?

A: Our paid plan starts from $10 for 100 matches per month. It's not a typo. Just 10 cents per match! It goes even lower for bigger plans.

Q: Is there a free plan?

A: Yes, it is completely free for up to 50 matches per month.

Q: What happens to my free quota when I upgrade to a paid plan?

A: When you upgrade, unused free quota is added to your paid quota.

Q: Does the quota apply to all searches or to matching results only?

A: We only take money for matches.

Q: What if I get inaccurate results?

A: No one is perfect, including algorithms. We tested a lot and our match rate used to be over 96%. The percentage of inaccurate results (getting a wrong URL with correct full name and company inputs) never exceeded single digits. If you have a higher ratio, double-check your inputs. Contact us and we’ll do our best to help. In any case, it's worth to test your list before you upgrade to a paid plan.

Q: Where can I find people’s names?

A: You can collect people names in LinkedIn, Quora and other social networks, on the websites of conferences, from meet-up attendee lists, Facebook events, etc. You can also get leads from LinkedIn sales tools and lead generation software like FindThatLead or Alfred.

Q: How to increase my quota if I am already on a paid plan?

A: You’ll have to purchase additional license. Go to the add-on menu and pick the “Increase quota” item. Alternatively, you can purchase the license on our product page.

Q: What if I want to use the add-on just once, can I have a one-off increase in quota?

A: Just purchase appropriate plan and cancel the subscription once you're done.

Q: How to cancel my subscription?

A: Log in to your Gumroad account, click on the “Library” item at the top, select the product you want to cancel subscription to, and click on the “Cancel subscription” button.