How to use Lead Beagle with Dux-Soup

You have found hundreds or thousands of LinkedIn prospects with Lead Beagle. Now what?

Here is a basic to-do list:

  • Visit and follow profiles to get social look-backs.
  • Invite to unlock messaging.
  • Thank for accepting your invite and start conversation.

LinkedIn wants you to do it all manually, but if you are looking for an efficient and scalable lead generation process, you're likely to be looking for some sort of automation.

This is what Dux-Soup exactly does. It is a Chrome extension which lets you automate the entire flow, from visiting profiles to messaging. Just upload your prospects to Dux-Soup and push the button.

You'll need a CSV file formatted in line with the Dux-Soup's instructions.

Use this template to save your time: Dux-Soup CSV Template by Lead Beagle.

Here is what you'll see in the template - remove the example data and copy to here your own links and names:

There is also a helpful article on the Dux-Soup's blog: How to connect with people from your list with Dux-Soup

Fruitful searching (and connecting!)

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