Frequently Asked Questions

Is this add-on legitimate? May I get blocked by LinkedIn?

This automation complies with Google’s and LinkedIn’s policies and it has been officially verified by Google. Blocking is not possible, since the add-on does not use your (or any other) LinkedIn account.

What's the price?

It's free for up to 50 matches per month and paid plans start from $10 for 100 matches. The quota resets monthly.

What is Premium Support?

The developer of the add-on, who is also an experienced B2B marketer, will personally provide you with technical support and lead generation consultancy.

Does the quota apply to all searches?

No, we only take money for matched results.

How do you define a match and how do you calculate accuracy?

A matched result, or simply a match, means there is at least 25% probability that a correct profile was found. Any match deserves a non-zero accuracy rank, from one star (the lowest accuracy) to three stars. Your unmatched searches will be marked with [not found] in the LinkedIn URL column. Matching rate, displayed as a percentage next to your search stats, is calculated as the ratio of matched records to total records searched within one search job. The job's overall accuracy is a simple average of all records' accuracy ranks.

Will I keep my free quota if I upgrade to a paid plan?

Yes. When you upgrade, the unused part of your free quota is added to your paid quota.

What if I get inaccurate results?

No one is perfect, but generally more accurate search inputs bring more accurate results. Believe it or not, there are people without a LinkedIn profile. But if a profile is there and your inputs are correct, it's very likely we'll find it.

Where can I find people’s names?

It's really up to you. You may already have them in your newsletter subscribers database or in your meetup registration list. You may want to target people from a Facebook group, or those who looked at your LinkedIn profile.

How to get more quota?

You’ll have to purchase a license. If you have already and it's not enough, you'll have to buy another one. Go to the add-on menu and click on Get more quota. Alternatively, you can purchase the license on our product page.

I want to use just once, may I have a one-off increase in quota?

Just purchase appropriate plan and cancel the subscription once you're done. For example, if you use the quota and cancel within a month, you won't be charged for the next month.

How to cancel my subscription?

Log in to your Gumroad account, click on the Library item at the top, select the product you want to cancel subscription to, and click on the Cancel subscription button. We can also cancel the subscription for you, just let us know.