How to use Lead Beagle's LinkedIn Search Tools

How to improve the accuracy of your LinkedIn X-ray search

There are very few cases when a quality search request returns wrong results or nothing. Usually, if your request is correct and complete, you'd be happy with the return - and this is true not only for Lead Beagle, but also for any search tool, including Google and Bing.

Here are some tips to increase your search accuracy ...

How to export the list of LinkedIn profiles to Dux-Soup

You have found hundreds or thousands of LinkedIn prospects with Lead Beagle. Now what? Here is a basic to-do list:

  • Visit and follow profiles to get social look-backs.
  • Invite to unlock messaging.
  • Thank for accepting your invite and start conversation.

LinkedIn wants you to do it all manually, but if you are looking for an efficient and scalable lead generation process ...

How to search on LinkedIn by keywords

Keyword search is very helpful if you need more flexibility compared to search by the combination of company and role. This is especially useful when you need to target a specific industry, skill, or location. For example, you may want to search for real estate broker chicago or target all insurance attorney profiles.

There are many tools to search LinkedIn by keywords, but only Lead Beagle lets you do it straight from your Google Sheets spreadsheet ...

How to generate more leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great source for B2B lead generation - around 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, out of all leads sourced from social networks.

Either you are running a lead generation agency that is mining LinkedIn for leads as a service or generate leads for your real estate sales team, you would definitely benefit from using LinkedIn for sourcing.

You can do prospecting manually with a free account or you can take advantage of LinkedIn Sales Navigator if you have a business account. You can even automate ...

How to search people on LinkedIn by name

If you have ever tried to update the company and job title information of your contacts, you should know that is not an easy task.

LinkedIn's internal search is of great help when you are looking for one particular person or a company. But it's totally helpless when it comes to bulk search.

If you are doing lead generation, you might have faced another issue ...