How to improve the accuracy of your LinkedIn X-ray search

There are very few cases when a quality search request returns wrong results or nothing. Usually, if your request is correct and complete, you'd be happy with the return - and this is true not only for Lead Beagle, but also for any search tool, including Google and Bing.

Here are some tips to increase your search accuracy with the Lead Beagle X-ray search tools:

  • Make sure you entered all required inputs.
  • Add optional inputs if possible. For example, if you search by name, adding a company may help.
  • Check if spelling is correct.
Required and optional search inputs and what happens when a required input is missing
  • For keyword (aka boolean) search, separate keywords with a space.
  • Don't use too many keywords, three to five words should suffice.
  • To improve non-English search, change the locale of your spreadsheet (File > Spreadsheet settings).
How to change Google sheets locale settings

Fruitful searching!

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